I’ve worked on quite a few projects over the years, sometimes under various aliases.

Placement Projects

I’m unable to go into detail on these, but they involved leveraging Python to, in the first instance, gather various information feeds both first and third party, normalise their data, and pass it through to a frontend; and in the second instance, to run proceses against provided binary files and output data in a format that could be easily analysed at scale. Both of these were conducted in small teams of other placement students, and both resulted in a successful MVP being produced, in one case then being further developed into production software after we left.


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Myself, and a couple of my friends, worked together on a project at a hackathon in late 2019. We put together a website designed to let you place pins with comments onto a map, designed in such a way that you can plot your memories and share them with the world. We won an award at the hackathon for it, and we doucmented some information and screenshots on DevPost.

Personal Websites

I find it difficult to make my mind up and stick to a given design and content layout for my personal website, resulting in multiple iterations over as many years, mostly as a static website hosted on GitHub Pages. You can find some of these older versions on the Wayback Machine. I’m especially a fan of the first one - the single page layout was a little limiting, but the page display would change based upon the time and date!

Online Communities

I was (and still am, although we’re less active now) an admin for a online ARG community. We hosted a space for people to enjoy and discuss ARGs, a MediaWiki to archive information about them, and an website, which I primarily developed, which allowed users to participate in various events we ran, both in-house and commissioned by larger organisations. I go under a pseudonym within the community, but am happy to disclose further information and share the site upon request.

Side Projects

I sometimes publish other side projects onto my GitHub profile, including element-encrypt, a combination of python script and javascript allowing you to encrypt individual sections of an webpage, and have them decrypted client-side. I’m welcome to contributors to these projects, and will likely look to updating these occasionally.