Hi! I’m Callum, a 21 year old student based in London. My primary areas of interest include Cybersecurity, Software Development and . I try to take on as many opportunities as possible to learn and experience new things, and have a healthy mix of successess and failures from doing so. I’m GCIH and GCFE certified, have a solid working knowledge of Python and Javascript; alongside a basic understanding of many more programming languages, and try to do my best when presented with a challenge!

If you have any opportunities that you think I’d be a great fit for, please send me an email!



I’m currently in the third year of a MSci Computer Science course at King’s College London, on track for a First Class degree.

In the past, I achieved A*AB in A-Level examinations in Maths, Physics and Further Maths, and 9 A*-A (9-7), 10 A*-C (9-5) at GCSE level.


I’ve had the opportunity, over the years, to also participate in some training courses and earn some certifications, both through merit-based opportunities and free promotions. These include the FOR500 and SEC504 training courses provided by the SANS institute.

As a result, I’m currently GCIH and GCFE certified; and am an member of the GIAC Advisory Board. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to put these skills to direct use in a professional setting, but look forward to doing so soon.


I’ve participated in various competitions and contests over time, and had my fair share of successes and failures.

I was one of the first to complete the BLKBOX challenge put together by HMGCC.

I was also a member of the winning team at a Cyber Security Challenge F2F in 2018, and as a result was invited to their Masterclass that year, at which I was also on the winning team.

I attended Cyber Discovery Elite for 3 years, from 2018-2020, which involved being one of the top 2% of participants in the program, gaining certifications as mentioned above.


While not currently employed, I’ve taken on a few employment opportunities over time, although am yet to experience any permanent full-time positions.

Most recently, I’ve completed two 8-week summer placements over the last two years of my degree, mainly revolving around developing software to be used to aid a SOC.

I do also do some casual work, including as a Widing Participation Ambassador for my University. When I was younger, I also did some part-time work at Legoland Windsor, to gain some experience of the workplace while still in 6th form.


I also enjoy volunteering in various capacities, when given the chance. Currently, I’m the Society President for KCL Cyber Security Society, running regular sessions with presentations of Cyber Security topics and helping organise initiatives and events.

During Early-Mid 2021, I also volunteered at COVID-19 Vaccination Centers in London for a couple of hours each week, helping register and guide members of the public around the centre.