Callum Fraser

Hello there!

Welcome to my personal site.

About Me

Hello! I'm Callum, a Computer Science student in their third year at King's College London. I can develop various software, usually utilising Python, but with a working knowledge of other languages such as C++, Javascript and Java. I have experience doing so both independently and as part of a team within an organisation during summer placements.

I'm also avid for the area of Cybersecurity, having partaken in multiple programs and earned multiple professional certifications in the subject area, and I am looking forward to opportunities to fully apply them in a practical setting.

In my spare time, I try to keep up with Formula One, enjoy playing games like Destiny 2, and going out for (short) bike rides!


I've taken part in many projects over the years - below are just a couple of note.

Online Communities

I helped establish and build a community consisting of over 30k members at its peak revolving around the concept of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs). As part of this, I was the primary developer of both a website through multiple iterations (initially built on PHP, now Python) which hosted information and challenges for users to attempt themselves, and a Discord Bot which integrated with various systems such as the website, a MediaWiki installation, and the Twitter API. I additionally aided in development on cross-promotional events with a variety of commercial organisations, creating the backend for small websites to facilitate these promotions and helping manage the community. Although still currently holding a position within the community, the community is dormant as of late.

Summer Placements

During my summers at university, I have been taking on 8 week work placements where I've worked within a team of peers to produce a piece of prototype software aligned with Cyber Security principles, which can then be further developed and refined by employees and hopefully used in production eventually. We did so using agile principles, holding two-week long sprints over the duration of the placement.

I played a part in developing a dashboard displaying information from various sources, alongside a tool to automate a file processing workflow; both times engaging with new technologies and tools such as React.

Memory Lane

Myself, and a couple of my friends, worked together on a project at a hackathon in late 2019. We put together a website designed to let you place pins with comments onto a map, designed in such a way that you can plot your memories and share them with the world. We won an award at the hackathon for it, and we documented some information and screenshots on DevPost.

University Individual Project

As part of my studies, I created a suite of tools which could be utilised to collect data from the Twitter API about users, extract features from that data, and then train a random forest model on that data which can then be used for classification of these accounts. In the project, we did so to determine whether accounts were automated, but the framework is generalised. This aided my understanding of Machine Learning greatly, alongside design of applications for command line use.

Currently, this work is being assessed and as a result can't be distributed - however I hope to distribute this work on GitHub pending permission.

Side Projects

I occasionally work on element-encrypt, a project which allows for the client-side encryption of individual elements on webpages with passwords; which is also in use on this website as an email-obfuscation tool.

I additionally often work on projects myself to learn new skills; and have done so for software such as Docker and Ansible - however none of these projects have yet reached a ready-for-release stage.


I have a presence on a variety of digital platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn. Please feel free to take a look, say hello, and send a message if you'd like to reach out in any way!

If you'd prefer to contact me via email, you can do so at [Click to reveal] . Please don't send me any spam - it's a waste of both our time.